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January Wrap-up


This is the first post! But hopefully it should establish the format. Once a month some time, I should hopefully public the anteprior month's monetary statistics (not the prior because some countries take their time), and the next month's central banks' meeting dates. There might be posts inbetween to pontificate on meeting minutes given some time after these dates.

Statistics as of December 2015

CurrencyAMSMonthly %Price
Gold~189400 tons (2016)
USD3,139.1 Billion $2.73%34 USD/AU g
EUR3,209.5 Billion €0.3%31 EUR/AU g
ARS798.9 Billion $4.90%340 ARS/AU g

Central Bank Release Schedule For March 2016

Central BankPolicy Meeting(s)
FEDMarch 15-16
ECBMarch 10
BCRAMarch 7